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Welcome to Bang Switch​!

We offer a wide variety of firearms training opportunities. 

Our seminars and classes focus on safe handling of firearms in a friendly and encouraging environment to build confidence.  

Bang Switch Beginner classes are introductory level. These classes are ideal for someone who has never handled a gun before, to introduce you to a new discipline, or a great refresher if it's been a while since you have handled a firearm. 

The CPL class is designed for someone who has never handled a gun before. This class is hands on and exceeds the state mandated standard. 

Our basic classes provide in-depth learning opportunities; such as how firearms work, gun handling fundamentals, skill building to improve marksmanship, cleaning and maintenance.


Bang Switch Instructor course offerings prepare seasoned shooters to effectively transfer knowledge to their students and handle situations they may encounter.

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Tel: 810-278-6408

Located in St. Clair County

- Firearms Safety - Fundamentals of Shooting - Sport Shooting - Skills Development - Tactical Training - Self Defense - Competition Shooting - Care and Maintenance -

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