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An Army Combat Veteran with decades of training experience.  He is a competitive shooter in USPSA and 3-Gun.  He is a volunteer Hunter's Education Instructor for the Michigan DNR.

• NRA Training Counselor
• NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
• NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
• NRA Firearms Instructor (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, PPITH,       Metallic Cartridge Reloading)
• Appointed Master Instructor, MCRGO
• Dillon Aero M134D Mini-Gun Instructor
• Sig Sauer Master Instructor (Rifle, Pistol)
• Sig Sauer Instructor (Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun)
• Sig Sauer P320 Armorer
• Sig Sauer M17 Armorer
• Certified Gunsmith
• Glock Advanced Armorer
• Glock Armorer
• Glock Instructional Development
• Barrett M107 Sniper Rifle Armorer
• FN M240 Armorer
• Center Firearms Foreign Weapons Operation and Armorer



A love of teaching and firearms led to this instructor's unique education platform. Audree is an appointed Senior Master Instructor for the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners. She serves on the MCRGO Education Committee in support of firearm instructors. She works to build and define course curriculum. She offers continued firearm instructor education, training and support.

She volunteers her time to teach women and youth firearms courses. Audree is a 4H Shooting Sports Instructor, Boy Scout Shooting Sports Merit Badge Counselor, and Michigan DNR Hunter Education Instructor.

Audree has an avid interest in defensive and competitive shooting.

  • NRA Training Counselor

  • Appointed Senior Master Instructor, MCRGO

  • NRA Certified Instructor (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, PPITH,    Metallic Cartridge Reloading)

  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

  • Glock Armorer

  • Handgun Combatives Alumni (Advanced Covert Pistol, Adaptive Combat Pistol)


Tyler is a full time freshman attending Wayne State University. He is pursuing a bachelor degree in chemistry with concentration in biology. He is active in 4H shooting sports and 3 gun. He volunteers his time to assist with hunter education classes and and high school shotgun teams.

  • Assistant NRA certified Firearms Instructor 

  • Assistant High School Shotgun Team Coach


Kyle is active in 4H shooting sports and 3 gun. He volunteers his time to assist with hunter education classes. 

  • Apprentice NRA certified Firearms Instructor